Elliot and Whitmee Specialist Skills

We specialise in estates which other companies have consigned to the “too hard basket”. Because we do not compete with the larger firms we are able to produce a more cost effective solution to tracing missing heirs.

Our work is truly international and we have offices in both the U.K. and Australia, and we have undertaken deceased estate work across most countries and continents over the years.

Lord Teviot is one of the best known Genealogists in the U.K, and in the House of Lords he was a spokesman on transport and public records. He has recently appeared in the BBC1 documentary “Heir Hunters”. The show follows his work from beginning the research with just basic information about a deceased person, through the research process in our extensive library of resources to the conclusion of finding the nearest living relatives. Once found, beneficiaries are approached as sensitively as possible, and the programme highlights the many personal stories that arise from our work.